MTAC Opening Ceremonies - Thomas (8)

MTAC Goes To 11 Opening Ceremonies. © MTAC.

Fandom conventions and events are celebrations of geek and popular culture. From local festivals of a few hundred people to gigantic international attractions of wonder (such as San Diego Comic-Con International, Dragon*Con, South x Southwest, E3), these fan gatherings exist to build community and promote the subject matter the fans enjoy.

Conventions I work with:

MTAC (Middle Tennessee Anime Convention)

Position – Director of Public  Relations

MTAC (Middle Tennessee Anime Convention) is a non-profit organization that produces events related to Anime, Manga & relevant Popular Arts, providing enthusiasts and the public at large with a forum for patronage and education thereof. Established in 1999, MTAC has been steadily growing annual event based in Nashville, Tennessee. MTAC operates entirely on a volunteer basis.

GMX (Geek Media Expo)

Position – Media Relations Coordinator

The Geek Media Expo is a 48-hour extravaganza encompassing all things geek. GMX serves as a celebration of pop culture, with over 20 areas of content (“channels”) including such diverse categories as art, animation, comics, sci-fi, horror, fantasy, tabletop gaming, costuming and props, video gaming, science and technology, internet culture, genre literature, alternative histories, and more.

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