Name – Nicholas Qualls

Hometown – Nashville, TN

Birth Year – 1986

Education – B.S. in Mass Communications, Middle Tennessee State University

Interests – comics, anime, tokusatsu, sci-fi, internet, giant robots

Looking for – Employment and Super Powers

My Background

I attended MTSU from 2004 to 2009, earning a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication with a concentration in Journalism and minors in English and Computer Information Systems. I’ve used a variety of different writing formats, such as short and long articles, news copy, press releases and reviews published in the campus newspaper and club newsletters. I’ve conducted several interviews and researched many topics for my class work. I studied professional writing and film and gained experience in Adobe Dreamweaver and many programs in Microsoft Office (prominently Word and Excel).

While at MTSU, I presided over the MTSU Anime Club. I organized regular meetings and events during my tenure as club president. I also wrote and edited newsletters, surveys, questionnaires and weekly email announcements.

My Interests and Activities

My interests include animation, graphic literature, and geek and internet culture.

In my off time, I help organize and promote two non-profit fandom conventions: MTAC (Middle Tennessee Anime Convention) and GMX (Geek Media Expo). Both are run by the the parent MTAC organization and are based out of Nashville. I also travel to other conventions in the southeastern United States, often for promotional work.

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